Push Yourself

“Your limitation-it’s only your imagination. Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.”


Study in France for a Month

If you are going to Study abroad in France, why not do it the right way? Join us for 28 days in France!
* French courses in the morning *Activities and excursions on the weekend and afternoon
~a tour of the city ~A visit of Clos Lucé Castle ~Paris ~Bowling ~ Mont saint Michel ~Saint Malo ~ Chambord Castle ~ Park Gadawi ~The Futuroscope ~Canoeing ~Villandry Castle ~Chocolate and pastry tasting ~Out door activities ~Accommodations
~Travel and health insurance

October 2019

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A Passport To Me

To say that I love traveling would be an understatement. But do you know why? I am so excited to announce the launch of my book, “A Passport To Me”. Come and relive my year abroad with me. A Passport to Me takes you on a delightful journey. The people you will meet will make you laugh and cry, but most importantly, you will gain a better appreciation for traveling. In celebration, I’m giving away a signed copy of the book. Just share and comment below of your funniest travel story and what has traveling taught you. Read more @https://castleworldtravel.com/new-book-released/ I’d love getting your help spreading the word about A Passport to Me! Please share!image001[3936]_DSC0006hd_DSC0009hd_DSC0015hd


Travel and Cooking

Mastering the art of Japanese cooking. Private French lessons. Lavie en France est belle. Come see what Tours, France has to offer! 20190518_120140.jpg

This was such a fun class!


Part of traveling is trying something new such as cooking!


I am all about having an authentic experience when I travel and right now Asian food is very popular in France!

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A World Citizen

What does it mean to be  a world citizen? For me it is sitting at a table full of people from all of the world and engaging in a conversation that challenges my thinking.  What I am trying to say is that perhaps being a world citizen can not be defined as one thing perhaps it is much bigger than that. My take on it is that a world citizen is someone that understands and appreciates  other cultures. It is also someone that has made it her life goal to be continuously learning about the world and its people. It is that mindset that helps us to go and explore. Life is not meant to be lived in one corner of the world.


I left home a year a go after graduation and moved to a different country. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Living in a different country taught me so much about myself-my ignorance really. I am proud to say, I’ve gained the ability to work independently, interact with other people who hold different interests, perspectives. Now, I see life in a different light. Traveling has a way of giving us the chance to reinvent ourselves. Join me in being a world citizen @castleworldtravel.com