Study in Milan, Italy

Experiencing another culture enables people to gain a more profound understanding of their own culture.
Study Italian in Milan, Italy.
Milan, a metropolis in Italy’s northern Lombardy region, is a global capital of fashion and design. The city has been recognized as one of the world’s four fashion capitals. Enjoy Milan fashion week😊
~The city hosts numerous cultural institutions, academies and universities, with 11% of the national total enrolled students. Milan is the destination of 8 million overseas visitors every year, attracted by its museums and art galleries that boast some of the most important collections in the world~

Spend two weeks in Milan-

Cost: $1800

Date: First two weeks of November 2019

Travel and health insurance included

Accommodations included

Ages 18-30

Classes from 9am-1pm

Your afternoon is free!


Enjoy daily excursions in the north part of Italy such as Lake Como and Lake Maggiore -Venice-Bernina-and Swiss-Alps-Genova and Portofino-Cinque Terre!

Participate in an acting class, book club and explore Italian literature.

Enjoy a nice visit of Castello Sforzesco!
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Ever wish you could be an Au Pair in France?



Work abroad sounds so complicated and most of us don’t even know where to start. I am here to tell you, it’s not that complicated. What if you had someone to help you? If you’re aged between 18-30 and would like to go to France as an AU PAIR, give us a shot. sascha-sturm-398588-unsplash.jpg

Castle InterProgram offers direct personal service to assist and arrange your work abroad needs from finding a job as an au pair, host family,  and work visa for your gap year and beyond.

What are the benefits?

  • Health and Travel insurance
  • Assistance and arrangements
  • You’ll make close to $400.00 a month
  • Free boarding
  • Free meals
  • You’ll discover a new culture
  • Learn a new language
  • It’ll look great on your CV
  • Make lasting friendships
  • You’ll learn that travel is good for the soul


Duties and responsibilities:

  • Waking the children
  • Getting them ready for school
  • Dressing them/infants and toddlers
  • Playing with the children
  • Help with bathing
  • Light housework
  • Speak/teach English to the kids
  • Making their beds and straightening their rooms
  • Preparing meals  and cleaning up
  • Taking children to school and various activities


  • $600 for 6-12 month placements.
  • September is the preferred arrival time for  a longer stay
  • A visa is required for au pairs who want to stay longer than 90 days

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