“The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt.


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Study in France for a Month

If you are going to Study abroad in France, why not do it the right way? Join us for 28 days in France!
* French courses in the morning *Activities and excursions on the weekend and afternoon
~a tour of the city ~A visit of Clos Lucé Castle ~Paris ~Bowling ~ Mont saint Michel ~Saint Malo ~ Chambord Castle ~ Park Gadawi ~The Futuroscope ~Canoeing ~Villandry Castle ~Chocolate and pastry tasting ~Out door activities ~Accommodations
~Travel and health insurance

October 2019

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A Passport To Me

To say that I love traveling would be an understatement. But do you know why? I am so excited to announce the launch of my book, “A Passport To Me”. Come and relive my year abroad with me. A Passport to Me takes you on a delightful journey. The people you will meet will make you laugh and cry, but most importantly, you will gain a better appreciation for traveling. In celebration, I’m giving away a signed copy of the book. Just share and comment below of your funniest travel story and what has traveling taught you. Read more @ I’d love getting your help spreading the word about A Passport to Me! Please share!image001[3936]_DSC0006hd_DSC0009hd_DSC0015hd


Travel and Cooking

Mastering the art of Japanese cooking. Private French lessons. Lavie en France est belle. Come see what Tours, France has to offer! 20190518_120140.jpg

This was such a fun class!


Part of traveling is trying something new such as cooking!


I am all about having an authentic experience when I travel and right now Asian food is very popular in France!

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Why We are Different

Hi I’m Michelle,
A year ago after graduation, I made a bold decision and moved to France. I left my friends and family behind because I wanted to try something different. I was an au pair working 30hrs/week all the while taking French courses at the University of Tours (22hrs/week). I was exhausted but, it was during that time that I got the idea of starting my own travel company. What makes Castle InterProgram different from other travel companies is that I only sell my personal experience.


I lived the study abroad life and I was an au pair for a year. I know what’s like to feel like you are a million of miles away from home and wishing to just see a familiar face. It was in these moments of difficulties and hardships that I grew the most. My experience had such a positive impact on me and I just want to share that joy with others. My hope is to give each of my clients a positive and authentic experience. Most travelers would agree that traveling can be stressful. Having someone to guide you every step of the way is crucial, something I wish I had. I sell my personal experience and I add to my packages all the benefits I didn’t I have. Each of my clients are important to me and I care.