You are not alone

For those who are in the midst of distress

For those who can’t seem to find a job

For those who feel invisible

For those who are experiencing failure after failure

For those who are waiting for prayers to be answered

There is always something to be grateful for.

Just remember it’s always during the darkest nights we are able to see the stars.

You are not alone.

Have Good week!


Be An Au Pair!

What is an au pair? An au pair is a young foreign person who lives with a host family, and takes care of the children, helps with housework in exchange for food, a room, and a weekly allowance.


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Passion And Travel

I couldn’t sale something that  I didn’t believe in. As a young entrepreneur, every day I have to remind myself I believe in what I am doing and when you truly believe in something, it’s not sales or business. It’s just pure passion. Why am I so passionate about traveling? Over a year ago I left home and moved to a foreign country. I was a naïve young woman wanted to find her place and voice among humanity. Upon my return, I am proud to say, I’ve gained the ability to work independently, interacting with people who hold different interests, perspectives, beliefs or values, and starting my own company. When we travel, we gain new perspectives and see life in a different light. Traveling has a way of giving us the chance to reinvent ourselves. I am passionate about traveling because what I really care about is helping people find their place and voice among mankind through traveling.

Why We are Different

Hi I’m Michelle,
A year ago after graduation, I made a bold decision and moved to France. I left my friends and family behind because I wanted to try something different. I was an au pair working 30hrs/week all the while taking French courses at the University of Tours (22hrs/week). I was exhausted but, it was during that time that I got the idea of starting my own travel company. What makes Castle InterProgram different from other travel companies is that I only sell my personal experience.


I lived the study abroad life and I was an au pair for a year. I know what’s like to feel like you are a million of miles away from home and wishing to just see a familiar face. It was in these moments of difficulties and hardships that I grew the most. My experience had such a positive impact on me and I just want to share that joy with others. My hope is to give each of my clients a positive and authentic experience. Most travelers would agree that traveling can be stressful. Having someone to guide you every step of the way is crucial, something I wish I had. I sell my personal experience and I add to my packages all the benefits I didn’t I have. Each of my clients are important to me and I care.

Try Something New

Try something new! Study/work abroad with us in France!
Are you feeling like where you live now is not the place for you? Sometimes we get frustrated with how things are, the people in our lives, our daily routine, and we are dissatisfied with everything around us.


Sometimes trying something new might be just the perfect remedy. For many people, change means new faces, new environment, new challenges, new strategy, and a new direction. We gained new perspectives when we experience life elsewhere.



If you want to try something new and you love the French culture, let us help you. Go to France with us, learn a new language and discover a new culture. When you come back, you will be refreshed and ready to take on the world.