Why We are Different

Hi I’m Michelle,
A year ago after graduation, I made a bold decision and moved to France. I left my friends and family behind because I wanted to try something different. I was an au pair working 30hrs/week all the while taking French courses at the University of Tours (22hrs/week). I was exhausted but, it was during that time that I got the idea of starting my own travel company. What makes Castle InterProgram different from other travel companies is that I only sell my personal experience.


I lived the study abroad life and I was an au pair for a year. I know what’s like to feel like you are a million of miles away from home and wishing to just see a familiar face. It was in these moments of difficulties and hardships that I grew the most. My experience had such a positive impact on me and I just want to share that joy with others. My hope is to give each of my clients a positive and authentic experience. Most travelers would agree that traveling can be stressful. Having someone to guide you every step of the way is crucial, something I wish I had. I sell my personal experience and I add to my packages all the benefits I didn’t I have. Each of my clients are important to me and I care. @castleworldtravel.com

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