Hello All,

I would like to introduce our third language school.

Our Schools were carefully selected because we believe that no single approach is the right one for every individual. Our schools are highly qualified. We have visited each of the schools and learned their method of teaching in order to help our clients make the best choice.


Castle InterProgram is excited to announce a new partnership with CLÉ.
CLÉ was founded by Isabelle and Hervé Aubert in 1985. It is situated in Tours, France near the historical center of Tours, known as Le vieux Tours.


Across from the building you have a nice view of Tours Charlemagne and Basilique St-Martin. CLÉ takes great pride of its location because Tours is a region where French is spoken without an accent. For more than 30 years CLÉ has served students from all over the world giving them a chance to master the French language.

The school has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. One of the many great qualities of CLÉ is its dedication to each student’s specific needs. With an average of 5 students per class, students accelerate rapidly. All of the teachers are qualified and are excellent on what they do. The average age is 39 but mature and motivated students are more than welcome.


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If you wish to be in a classroom with ambitious students
who want to master the French language in just a few weeks, then CLÉ is the school for you.

Thanks for reading!

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