Tours Langues

Hello All,

I would like to present our second language school.

Castle InterProgram is excited to announce a new partnership with Tours Langues!


Tours Langues was founded in 1994. Located at Place Plumereau the heart of the city where people of all ages pass their time. All year long they welcome people of all ages and from all over the world. Tours Langues really gives their students an authentic experience. It is a small friendly school and their staff are so genuine.

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With a limitation of 8 students per class, students have a better chance of mastering the French language more efficiently. They really respect your level of French and work with you in order to obtain your goal. Whatever your level of French, Tours Langues has a place for you.
The teachers are qualified and trained and use a variety of educational materials to meet your individual needs.



With their partnered schools, Tours Langues also offers training and internships for pastry chef, chocolate maker, baker, cook, beautician and florist. Learn more @

Thanks for reading!

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