Wine and Travel


I was sitting  on the couch, my legs crossed, a glass of wine was in my right hand. I leaned in to show that I was engaged in the conversation. I looked at the white wine: the color was golden amber and I began to swirl it around. I brought it up to my nose, took a deep breath as I closed my eyes. I smelled the aroma and it was a subtle aroma, which indicates it was a much older wine. I then gracefully brought it to my mouth. My mouth was half-filled and I delicately swished the wine around to really have my taste buds enjoy the flavours. I gently brought the glass of wine down and went to switch my leg position. It was at that moment that I lost all my classiness – somehow, my glass of wine tipped and spilled all over me. I then sweetly smiled and said ‘I didn’t use to be that clumsy’.

The four steps to wine tasting are:
1. Once the wine is in the glass, evaluate its color and clarity by holding it up against something white. It is said that the color of white wine should range from a lemon gold to amber and for red wine it should range from deep purple to brick-red.
2. The second step is to swirl it around and as you make this circular motion with the glass, it should aerate the wine.
3. The third step is to enjoy the aroma of the wine by smelling it. Place your nose above the glass and take a deep breath. If you really know your wines, then you should be able to tell whether the wine is young or old from that single deep breath.
4. The last step is to taste the wine. Half fill your mouth and swish the wine around.
Now you have it, the four steps for enjoying wine.
I am not an expert and almost all wine has the same taste to me, but I do try to understand the French love for wine.


Before I went to France, I didn’t drink much wine. I thought all wine tasted the same. My host dad is French, so naturally he is really into wine. He knows where each wine is from and where to get the best wine. ‘So this wine is the best, it is actually the same age as you, let me know what you think.’ Well, actually, I couldn’t taste any difference from the one we’d just had for l’aperitif, but what is a girl to do but smile and say, ‘it is very strong’?
After five months of listening to the stories of where each wine is from and detailed descriptions of the taste, my taste buds did start to notice a difference. I am not sure whether it was psychological or if I was really beginning to understand the difference between a bottle of wine that cost $5 and one that cost $100.


However, I can finally say I have found my favorite kind of wine and that is a variety called Vouvray. Vouvray is a wine from the Loire Valley region. It originates from a district very close to the city of Tours. It is a white wine made principally from chemin blanc grapes.
Of course, French wines are often made to accompany certain French cuisines.

Well, that is all for today! Thanks for reading.

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