When in España

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“Can I get an order of guacamole and chips and salsa please?”  “Hmmm, you might have to go to Mexico for that.” “Hmm, okay, don’t you guys like hablo Español here?”  I might have said that out loud. For the longest time I avoided going to Spain because you know, Yo no hablo Español. I took a little bit of Spanish in high school and my Dad told me it would come in handy one day but, after trying to say rojo and couldn’t roll the “R”, I quit at a heartbeat. I met Isabel in Tours and she invited me for a visit to Spain. She lives in Estella and I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to embrace my fear. She was a wonderful host and we spent two days in Estella and we took the bus to San Sebastian for the last day of the trip.

I don’t really know much about Spain, but the people are so nice and very welcoming.  One time we went out and I got disconnected with the group. I thought great, I don’t speak the language and I am lost. Thank goodness I spotted this guy who knew Isabel and I asked him for help and he said something like,”Tus amigos te están esperando allí” ( Your friends are waiting for you over there). I was like, I understand the whole amigos part and the rest is like Chinese to me. “Can you help me find my amigos?”

I met so many wonderful people. My favorite is the woman who shared with me that she is from a small village of 20 people in Navarre. She has a dog named Taxi. Taxi would go out sometimes and she would open the door and scream, “Taxi!” The neighbors would look out their windows and shake their heads and say, “Loca, loca, she thinks she is going to find a taxi out here?”

I learned that Spanish people are fun, they know how to enjoy the moment and just very genuine. Someone asked me if I would go back to Spain and I said I should probably learn a few more phrases. I learned from my friends how to say, Hola Mamasita, Me llamo Marie Michelle. Yo no hablo español. Mi casa es tu casa!   Encantada de conocerte! I love to listen to Spanish music and nothing makes me happier than  dancing the salsa and batchata. So who knows, after French I might give Spanish another try. Adiós y hasta la próxima vez!  Goodbye and until next time!

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