It was a rainy day, it was a sunny day. We hiked up the mountain as the hail and rain took turns showering us.  The children ran ahead of us jumping in the rain puddles. We heard their giggles as they lay low in the tall grass pretending to play army. They rolled in the grass and hopped from one rock onto the next. They were free and wild with their imaginations and their freedom was contagious.

Let us take a break from the castles, Paris, or anything that comes to your mind when you think of France. I would like to take you to Beaumont-lès-Valence where the mountains are beautiful, the people live in villages, and they are down to earth. Its inhabitants are known as the Beaumontois.

Beaumont-lès-Valence is located in the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. One of the fascinating things about Valence is the remarkable monument called the Temple Church. The building is home to both Catholics and Protestants under the same roof.  The war between the Catholics and Protestant raged for three years from 1559 to 1561. April 25th of 1562 marked a very sad moment for that building. For that was when the Baron des Adrets and his troops burned the church. For 36 years it remained without roofing and it wasn’t until Henry IV signed the Edict of Nantes on April 13,1598 that the restoration of the roof took place. The Catholics and the Protestants seem to have made peace with each other in that region, for today a door made of 4 removable panels allows a wide opening to give both sides access to the whole building. Sometimes, that door is open and both sides fellowship with each other.

Temple Church


It is evident that tranquility resides throughout the whole town and I felt at peace the moment I arrived.

He was staring out at the open. I recognized that look right away. It is the same look my father has on his face whenever he talks about Colorado and it is the same look my sisters have when they talk about life in the country. He turned around and he looked at me and said, “So this is France; the quiet hills, the vineyards, and the beautiful mountains as the sun magnifies their strength and power. Because of work, I have to live in Paris now, but I know one day I will return.”

I didn’t understand that look then and I certainly don’t understand it now, for I am a city girl. However, I do have a greater comprehension of the need to escape to the country once in awhile to get reconnected with nature because it is then that we realize the power of the One who created all.  

6 thoughts on “Beaumont-lès-Valence

  1. It’s a beautiful part of the world, Marie Michelle. It makes me very happy that you are noticing the important things… the exquisite details. Profitez bien de votre séjour en France.

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  2. It’s a really beautiful place! The viewpoint you expressed is great and I really enjoyed reading it and continuing to learn new things about France through your writing so thank you!

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