Quand Demain Viendra

When tomorrow comes and we’ve gone our separate ways,
let it be said, “il était une fois”(once upon a time) a group of
adventurous souls embarked on an adventure to France. We said
goodbye to our first semester and looked back to how much we
had grown.

At the beginning of the semester we were strangers from 12 different
countries. Despite our differences we had one thing in common,
we loved culture. As the semester progressed, we formed a bond
that was special, in that, we became family. We laughed at each
other’s embarrassing mistakes and at the same time, we were
there for each other. We struggled with cultural differences, but
we gained respect and understanding through the difficulties.
Some of us left our countries seeking refuge, others just left for
the adventure and moi je suis parti sans motif. We did not know
what tomorrow would bring, but we could all humbly say, we
gave adventure, culture, and uncertainty a chance.

It has been four months since I left home and sometimes I
wonder, was I foolish to give up everything, my family and
friends, my American ways and even my bowl of Chipotle? No,
not at all! I left for the sake of learning, for a new challenge. If
we don’t have challenges, how are we supposed to grow? I left
for the sake of understanding that having the love of family and
having friends that we can call on is a blessing. When those
things are no longer a part of our daily lives, we realize how
much they are worth. Lastly, I left to make my world bigger
because with a broader view of the world, you become more in
tune and more sensitive the needs of others.

Thank you Radwan for making this video!

We left our families behind and our old ways and we
learned to cope with new things. We overcame our differences
for the sake of understanding and respect. When tomorrow comes and we’ve gone our separate ways, let it be said there was a special bond between us and it was beautiful.

Happy New Year!!!!


3 thoughts on “Quand Demain Viendra

  1. Happy New Year, Marie Michelle. I hope 2018 continues to bring you happiness and friendship. Yes, you left your home ‘sans motif’, but your message here provides many outstanding reasons why your journey is so important, so fulfilling. Bonne année à tous!

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