Nothing Short of a Miracle, Chateau de Chambord

 We were sitting on the bus that  Saturday afternoon on our way to Chateau de Chambord. The excitement to have a taste of what life was like in the 16th century was evident on our faces. He was looking at his phone, pretending to concentrate upon what he was doing, but to me it seemed as though he had something to say, but he did not know how to say it. Neither did I, we were both from completely different worlds and for awhile we were lost in thoughts. Then without removing his eyes from his phone, he said quietly and very slowly, “You know, my life was without color before I came to France. It was gray and dark. I am a very lucky person, there are so many times that I could have been killed back in Iraq, but I always sensed that God was looking out for me. Now that I am here, it is nothing short of a miracle and I am beginning to see color again.” I then smile and said, “We both can agree that truly the Lord is good.” As the bus came nearer to the Chateau de Chambord, amazingly the 21st century
disappeared and the colors did change, taking us back to the 16th century.

20171021_140025It was 1519 when King Francis I of France ordered the castle to be built. The architecture is French Renaissance, but Chambord is also combined with traditional French medieval shapes. It is the most well known castle in the world and the biggest in the Loire Valley. Although it took 28 years for the castle to be built, Chambord was never completed. Unlike the other castles, the design of Chambord was never intended to provide safety from enemies, instead, it was built only as a hunting lodge. It is surrounded by 13, 0000 acres of land. Francis lived in the Chateau du Amboise and the Chateau de Blois. It has been said, that the original design of Chambord was influenced by Domenico da Cortana and Leonardo da Vinci. In 1792, during the French Revolution some of the furniture was sold and during World War II some of the art collection from the Louvre was moved to Chambord. After the death of Francis, the castle was left abandoned for 80 years. In 1639, King Louis XIII gave it to his brother Gaston d’Orleans who saved the castle from complete ruin.

12 thoughts on “Nothing Short of a Miracle, Chateau de Chambord

  1. Stunning, Marie Michelle. As if the Château du Chambord itself isn’t breathtaking enough, you also had the amazing good fortune to have the entire experience put into perspective for you by your Iraqi friend. Brilliant. This is why you chose to partir sans motif… the rewards will be life-changing. Enjoy.


  2. A wonderfully lyrical description of an amazing day. I am so impressed with your perspective about your life’s journey. There are many MORE adventures awaiting! Love you!


  3. Marie Michelle,
    All of life breaking open and revealing the jewel inside is just perfect. I can’t wait to see what other jewels are shown you. You are truly an amazing person.


  4. I am so happy for you and envy you, you are experiencing so many wonderful things in France. I like the picture of you on your bike, it must come in handy. I hope you are enjoying the family you are with and those darling children. I miss having you at the house, you are such good company! Enjoy yourself and keep
    us updated.


  5. As usual, Michelle, you have given me a chance to enjoy your travels with you. The .Castle is one of the prettiest I have seen. The story you wrote is realistic, and makes me wonder if you yourself lived it, or is it part of that exquisite mind of yours. I still miss seeing you at church.. You were always a breath of fresh air. Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures. Stay well and enjoy your travels “

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