Je suis Parti Sans Motif


Gazing out into the future, as far as the eye can see, somewhere in a far distance, the wind is blowing-I can’t hear what it’s saying, I sense it. A movement in my soul is awakened-trembling with wild anticipation. I feel like I am flying-but my feet are on the ground. I can’t see what’s beyond the horizon-but I can feel it.

Je suis parti sans motif-I left without a reason or cause. Have you ever been called to do something or felt led to go somewhere but in your head, it makes no sense? Travelers are sometimes faced with many “why?” questions. No matter how hard we try, it is sometimes impossible to make people understand. The many questions can sometimes create doubts and fear.   It is crazy, daring, thrilling, and scary to move a way from everything you have ever known. Perhaps what scares us most is knowing that life will go on without us and when we come back things might never be the same.

We then begin to realize how important the people we call family and friends are to us. Kissing goodbye the people we hold dearest to our hearts is the hardest part of moving forward in search of God’s plan for our lives.  On the other hand, how can we ignore the burning sensation to go, to be challenged, and to be educated? We can only hope upon our return; we will gain new perspective and respect for humankind and the world.

Life has a way of leading us into places that are uncomfortable, scary, and unpredictable. We don’t need to have a perfect plan for the adventures that are thrown our way.  Just knowing that we are moving toward something that is bigger than ourselves is more than enough. The people we will meet, the hardships we will face, and the lives we will touch, will in turn, broaden our perspective. Are these not enough reasons?  We travel to learn and to have our thinking challenged. We travel to fall in love with the Creator of this world. The more we see, the more we understand, and understanding paves the way for respecting and appreciating other cultures. Some of us like things to be comfortable, while others like to take risks. When we take risks, miracles are bound to happen.

Oui, Je suis parti sans motif- knowing that the experiences that I will gain will be enough reason for me. I hope I will return, a better person, overflowing with love, joy, and understanding. May I also have a greater appreciation for everything that was left behind. As I take a leap of faith and experience life in France for a year, I would like to invite you to be part of an adventure of a life time.

Note: To my family, thank you for your love and support. I would like to dedicate this first blog post to my Uncle Douglass. When it comes to my writing, whatever pleasure I bring to the world, I owe it all to you. Thanks for being a great help, a good friend, and my biggest fan. I thank God for blessing me with a wonderful job in France and for making this adventure all possible. To You be the Glory!


Photo credit@ Teresa Williams Photography


15 thoughts on “Je suis Parti Sans Motif

  1. Félicitations, Marie-Michelle. Une aventure super! Tours, c’est une ville bien jolie. Profitez de faire visite aux grands châteaux de la vallée de la Loire…


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